22 Feb 2004 kunal   » (Master)

Yesterday I just managed to take out my good old 486DX- 66Mhz with 16 megs of Ram and a 500Mb hard drive......well it took me 16 hours to install windows 98, nevertheless it was fun......its been ages since I have played around with those legacy devices, experimenting with those wierd jumpers trying to prevent IRQ conflicts. The best part was when win98 was trying to swap the pagefile......the hard disk was groaning under excruciating pain.......then came the benchmarking......I ran sisoft sandra 2002, and in the memory benchmarks the rusty ol' thing gave me the int. bandwidth as 24Mb/ps and float of 16Mb/ps. even a 5.4Krpm HDD on a PIO-4 mode has a better transfer rate than the mem bandwidth of this junk that has been lying on my loft for the past 4 years.....

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