11 Feb 2004 kunal   » (Master)

Good news, spiderbot is almost ready, but because of the added modifications, the weight of the robot has increased significantly, and the spider-like movement isnt accurate at all, its ridiculously flimsy......Im using the RS232 to drive the steppers from my laptop. I orignally intended using my pentium processor and m/b for the robot, but couldnt mount it, because I had to increase the rigidity by plonking in steel subframes to the orignal, flimsy PCB chassis.This was a prototype, and its gonna be kept aside as of now, SPIDERBOT-II will hopefully replace the pathetic SPIDERBOT. Hey Timster, just to let you know, Im positively using the Via-C3+micro Mobo combo for this project. Also the dual segmented legs are going to be replaced by wheels...less headache. I need more info on the GUMSTIX micro-con.....

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