6 Feb 2004 kunal   » (Master)

Are you sick of your old Pentium-II, and can't play games because of Low mem bandwidth? I just downloaded this CPU- cool software. goto www.podien.de and download CPU-FSb, its awesome. I have a Hewlett Packard Brio BA600, with a Pentium-III coppermine @ 650Mhz. The BIOS setup they have on all branded PCs wont let you overclock the damn processor by even a megahertz, so what this software basically does is overwrites your existing PLL values, and it works well. As of now, I just stuck a heatsink on the Northbridge (se- 440BX mobo) and with the stock cooling it was able to run Sisoft Sandra Burnin wizard (Arithmetic, Multimedia, Memory and cache benchmark) a 100 times without crashing. But do be careful that you DO NOT overclock the PCI bus more than 37Mhz when using UDMA transfers on the Hard- drive, may result in Data corruption....also watch out for your AGP bus exceeding the speed, may result in unstability. Anyway the overclocked 440BX at 133Mhz FSB has better integer and Float Bandwidth than an 815E.( 976MB/s and 843MB/s on Sandra 2004). Somebody outta have this program for Linux.....as of now I start windows, restart the PC into Linux, because the overwritten PLL values remain even after rebooting.

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