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12 Feb 2004 (updated 29 May 2004 at 04:01 UTC) »

Good news, spiderbot is almost ready, but because of the added modifications, the weight of the robot has increased significantly, and the spider-like movement isnt accurate at all, its ridiculously flimsy......Im using the RS232 to drive the steppers from my laptop. I orignally intended using my pentium processor and m/b for the robot, but couldnt mount it, because I had to increase the rigidity by plonking in steel subframes to the orignal, flimsy PCB chassis.This was a prototype, and its gonna be kept aside as of now, SPIDERBOT-II will hopefully replace the pathetic SPIDERBOT. Hey Timster, just to let you know, Im positively using the Via-C3+micro Mobo combo for this project. Also the dual segmented legs are going to be replaced by wheels...less headache. I need more info on the GUMSTIX micro-con.....

Are you sick of your old Pentium-II, and can't play games because of Low mem bandwidth? I just downloaded this CPU- cool software. goto www.podien.de and download CPU-FSb, its awesome. I have a Hewlett Packard Brio BA600, with a Pentium-III coppermine @ 650Mhz. The BIOS setup they have on all branded PCs wont let you overclock the damn processor by even a megahertz, so what this software basically does is overwrites your existing PLL values, and it works well. As of now, I just stuck a heatsink on the Northbridge (se- 440BX mobo) and with the stock cooling it was able to run Sisoft Sandra Burnin wizard (Arithmetic, Multimedia, Memory and cache benchmark) a 100 times without crashing. But do be careful that you DO NOT overclock the PCI bus more than 37Mhz when using UDMA transfers on the Hard- drive, may result in Data corruption....also watch out for your AGP bus exceeding the speed, may result in unstability. Anyway the overclocked 440BX at 133Mhz FSB has better integer and Float Bandwidth than an 815E.( 976MB/s and 843MB/s on Sandra 2004). Somebody outta have this program for Linux.....as of now I start windows, restart the PC into Linux, because the overwritten PLL values remain even after rebooting.

Hey Tim; Thanks a lot for your suggestion...I will consider the VIA C3 processor. Frankly the processor is very dissapointing....a 667Mhz C3 is an equivalent of a 200Mhz Pentium PRO.....honestly that processor needs a better floating point unit...its sluggish on floating point calculations. On the positive side, Im impressed with the heat dissiaption, low power consumption. Yeah Im using a VIA P4M-266 chipset on my pentium 4, really a good chipset......what a pity Intel wanted to monopolize on the DDR chipsets....

28 Jan 2004 (updated 3 Feb 2004 at 19:33 UTC) »

Anybody good with Neural networks?......Um Im going to start working on a voice recognition system soon....well I have chalked out a basic plan where the hardware is concerned.......I need to use a powerful Microprocessor that doesnt Sap much power from the batteries.......I just started working on this thing called the 'SPIDERbot'....the base is reserved for the motherboard, I gotta steel plate which the mo-bo is gonna be mounted on...then there are stacks of circuit boards stacked by rods connected to the edges of the base plate.....so In all I got 3 stacks excluding the mobo.....the middle stack consists of the spider legs which move to and fro using steppers, and Im finally done with the hydraulics, I have used crude syringes to lift the legs, and it actually works using pascals law........I gotta hydraulic pump dishing out water through steel pipes I got from and old air-con......though I couldnt get a steel syringe....and yeah water because the oil damages the rubber on the syringe. A bit flimsy though. The Top houses 8 Stacks of Ni-Cd batteries taken out from a Black and Decker Vaccuum cleaners, damn powerful..... Getting back to the point, the bot is kinda immobile, because temporarily its connected to the parallel port of my PC.....I badly need a powerful processor which doesnt sap power like my overclocked Northwood in my desktop.......Do get in touch with me via mail, Im freakin preoccupied with a lotta work.......

This is a good site indeed, but is there anybody who actually works on big robots? It's ridiculously easy to operate pesky stepper motors using a ULN2003 via a parallel port, but I'd be grateful if somebody actually worked on something hydraulic, like a gripper arm actuated by hydraulic pressure, etc.... I am working on a fire fighting system, but din't get time to work on it, shall start it soon.

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