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Hey Tim; Thanks a lot for your suggestion...I will consider the VIA C3 processor. Frankly the processor is very dissapointing....a 667Mhz C3 is an equivalent of a 200Mhz Pentium PRO.....honestly that processor needs a better floating point unit...its sluggish on floating point calculations. On the positive side, Im impressed with the heat dissiaption, low power consumption. Yeah Im using a VIA P4M-266 chipset on my pentium 4, really a good chipset......what a pity Intel wanted to monopolize on the DDR chipsets....

28 Jan 2004 (updated 3 Feb 2004 at 19:33 UTC) »

Anybody good with Neural networks?......Um Im going to start working on a voice recognition system soon....well I have chalked out a basic plan where the hardware is concerned.......I need to use a powerful Microprocessor that doesnt Sap much power from the batteries.......I just started working on this thing called the 'SPIDERbot'....the base is reserved for the motherboard, I gotta steel plate which the mo-bo is gonna be mounted on...then there are stacks of circuit boards stacked by rods connected to the edges of the base plate.....so In all I got 3 stacks excluding the mobo.....the middle stack consists of the spider legs which move to and fro using steppers, and Im finally done with the hydraulics, I have used crude syringes to lift the legs, and it actually works using pascals law........I gotta hydraulic pump dishing out water through steel pipes I got from and old air-con......though I couldnt get a steel syringe....and yeah water because the oil damages the rubber on the syringe. A bit flimsy though. The Top houses 8 Stacks of Ni-Cd batteries taken out from a Black and Decker Vaccuum cleaners, damn powerful..... Getting back to the point, the bot is kinda immobile, because temporarily its connected to the parallel port of my PC.....I badly need a powerful processor which doesnt sap power like my overclocked Northwood in my desktop.......Do get in touch with me via mail, Im freakin preoccupied with a lotta work.......

This is a good site indeed, but is there anybody who actually works on big robots? It's ridiculously easy to operate pesky stepper motors using a ULN2003 via a parallel port, but I'd be grateful if somebody actually worked on something hydraulic, like a gripper arm actuated by hydraulic pressure, etc.... I am working on a fire fighting system, but din't get time to work on it, shall start it soon.

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