27 Jan 2003 kjub03   » (Observer)

nothing but problimos. have to redesign how the wheels fit on to the robot. which means changing how the gear trains and motors fit ect. problem is when wheels r moving bolts that hold them on will tighten or loosen on the axel. loosen the wheel will fall off tightening will result in the wheel not being able to move and the robots steering and power seriosly altered. also adding relays to the robot, right not it is controled by switches on power cord wire after following the robot by about 3 feet of cord i put adaptors on so i could attach extesion cords and steer from any distance away the problem was it droped the current to much to go the distance so adding reallys will compensate and allow me to control from a greater distance away. then later will be able to attache them to a micro pic controler and not have to worry about burnig it out. w/ the car battery. another problem is its top heavy. drives fine on flat ground but we decided to take it outside for a test drive to go ba haing in the snow and it tipped over. having a 12 gallon hoover shop vac for a body w/ the battery located in the top tank and wiring in the bottom. also haven't finished the lights i began designing last year.

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