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woo hoo next monday i'll have pictures of my robot. videos would be more fun but hey i'm not knocking it. in the process of creating headlights for it too. i found 2 holgen light bulbs on clearance and said i think that would be cool so when finished they will strobe back and forth similar to the lights at a rail road crossing. placing red lenses over the lights also for a more interesting look. also looking for a way to determine how fast it moves has to be at least 10mph probally more. until next time......

anybody interested might want to visit http://www.rockies- robotics.com/ just a cool site very similar to this one actually.

i have finaly got my hands on a car battery to use for my power supply. which proves to be quite effeciant. my robot now wieghts around 80 lbs 50-60 of which is the car battery. however i'm finding my self having to put added support on the wheels after a 185lb...(how to put it politely...) idot sat on it. also i have designed a curicuit to have two hologen bulbs strobe back and forth and working on a pc board to mount them on the robot.

i'm having cermountable difficlulty trying to find the neccesary parts for my arm... if anyone knows a place where i can buy metal gears perferably online please email me at: kjub03@yahoo.com

any body intrested in programing in java might want to look at a program called robocode. http://robocode.alphaworks.ibm.com/home/home.html *************************************************** robot wise i found found a battery howerver i'm not sure all the cells are working properly.

Blaah no time to work on my robotic arm but i may change my wheels into treads or multiple sets of bike sprokets w/ chains for the treads i'm thinking one will be to small so it may take me a while to gather multiple sprokets and chains. My robot is kind of unique in so far i've paid for nothing, call me a garbage picker, but everthing has come form the side of the road. which proves difficult to find a power supply.

The next step is to find a job for the arm and hopefully i'll have learned enough in my electronics class to make it autonomus. the ultimate test.

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