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My project page: and My name is Kittipat Chirungsarpsook. I am a mechanical engineering (Mechatronics Option)student from Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand. I am quite new to robotics although I have many classes on the topic, but many times I find that building the real robot sometimes needs more to it. I have been building some simple mechatronics systems including: the line tracking robot that also reponses to traffic light, robot toy that runs after light, book page turning machine, simulation model and program for the rear- end collision avoidance system in cars, and small-robocup (only the casing and some hardware consideration in this one). I work part-time as the technical support for the Medtronic's Stealth Surgical Navigation System for brain and spine surgery, and it was one of my first inspiration to go deeper into robotics. I am also a coauthor of published paper in the proceedings of International Conference in the Computational Intelligence for Modeling, Control and Automation 2005. The paper is about the alternative solution for the dynamic systems, optimization, calculus of variations, minimum jerk and minimum energy cost. I am more into the designing concept of mechanical parts, but I also love to work with microprocessor and programming using VB.

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I had a chance to see the surgical navigation using the electromagnetic technology in order to locate each small part of instruments very precisely (it can even give to 1 mm and 1 degree accuracy), but they work in a very limited environment. This type of surgical technology is invented for the minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Can anyone help me out on how it work if we would like to use it w/ our robot? As I mentioned... it's 1 mm/1 degree accurate, i don't think precision machining using this technology is a big deal at all! Besides, although all the instruments connected by wires, they react hard-core realtime.

I had a chance to go for a furniture fair last couple of weeks and found that Roomba was showing there. I didn't know what happened but it actually falls off the stair that was supposed to be showing the housewives that Roomba will never fall off the edges!!! :D

Seems like the kids are more interested in Mr. Roomba than any housewife/husband ever does. One of them asked the distributor "Mister! Can I try throwing it and let my dog catch it?" I guess if the next models of Roomba look like the ones in Starwars the kids will definitely cry to have them clean the carpets at home! ("I....I am...m y..o..urr Cle..eanerrr..")

I just saw the vdo clip from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). It is the Kuka robot that runs by the visual feedback system. Though it seems like Thailand technology is lagging Japanese's at least by another 10 years (U. of Tokyo was able to make a robot arm that can catch the ball that is shot toward it at very high speed... and not only catching the coming object... it can also catch the "dropping" ball ... w/ best accuracy), it is a very good start for Thailand. Cheers to Dr. Manukid! I would have to say that it might inspire more people to go into real-time applications of robots in the country.

My colleagues were having great time constructing a air/water scooter, which is the scooter that can fly on air and run on the surface of water. Currently, they are able to make it fly (without passenger on it), but the instability of the flight is still very obvious. However, running on the surface of the water is something to be worked on. As of now, their model looks more or less like a helicopter but w/ 4 sets of motors and blades.

May be using servo to control the orientation of the motors should help, but we still can't get rid of the blades since they are pretty long... i will come up w/ their pictures of prototype soon

I just emailed the robomenu the recent indoor mobile robot we have at our institute, the Gripper-mounted Mobile Robot

check it out... probably as soon as the webmaster post it...

by the way, how do we add the robot to database?? I couldn't figure out how.. so, I just sent him an email with the robot spec. and pictures.. hope he will post it for me..

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