28 Dec 2005 kittipat_0541   » (Master)

Instead of having the Volts and Nuts sort of magazine, we do have our own electronics (I would prefer calling it "robo-tronics") magazine called "Hobby Electronics". It's been published since the last fifteen years I guess. Sad thing was I was trying to build a "worm" looking robot according to their design. After I soldered everything together, it didn't work! The worm, which was supposed to be going around zigzag and once hit the front wall it will make a sort of u-turn, kinda went straight, and it kept going straight once hit the wall!

It was meant to be a christmas gift to my nephew, who seems to be so much interested in robots, that I like to inspire him. Anyway, he found it out and played with it (without me knowing). Finally, he ended up burning the motors cuz he kept it ran against the wall. Poor him. He said "I never know that robot can smell (burned)"!

The next vol. from Hobby Electronics made some correction in the previous volume's circuit, but I didn't see them correct the 'worm'... sad, isn't it?

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