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27 Dec 2005 (updated 27 Dec 2005 at 16:31 UTC) »

My team mate in robocup team has run out of memory space in the MCS51 microprocessor, but we still have the whole program of the PID algorithm to get the steady speed of the motors that run the omni-wheels. We consulted the distributors and the manual, but they only suggest us to use external memory device. With limited space in the robot circuit, we can't bear having more electronic device into it. So, we found "xregister" and used it without knowing what it is. The result turns out to be the inconsistance of robot responses, which we have no clue of the source. Has anybody heard of this "xregister" thing? Please advise

27 Dec 2005 (updated 27 Dec 2005 at 16:20 UTC) »

I am trying to work on the intelligent vehicle only in just the part of the rear-end collision avoidance. For local vision (of course, Thai student doesn't have enough to pay for the GPS, which cost something like $5,000), I was able to find the ultrasonic from underground market, which costs only US$50. With that operating already, I still do not know how to integrate the braking system. Is it possible without the robot arm stepping on the brake? Can anybody kindly suggest? kittipat_0541(at)yahoo.com

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