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Denver Area Robotics Club: We had our first meeting on Sat Feb 23. It went well with 13 in attendance. We agreed to meet on last Sat of each month, for now at the Highlands Ranch (Colorado, USA) Library at 2PM. We have a line following robot contest scheduled for the next meeting. I've heard from 2 new people since that meeting that are interested, so we'll keep seeing growth I hope.

As a club we are buying a basic bot board from a guy that has developed a circuit board using the Atmel micro (90S2313). I've never used Atmel, preferring Motorola, but Atmel has several free compilers and is a little less intimidating. Plus, this guy has a layout ready to go that is tested, so that's what we're doing. I have a goal of standardizing technology in the club to minimize duplication of effort, particularly software.

Other items: I got a Gameboy camera that I look forward to hacking into for robot vision. I worked out some mechanical problems on my robot arm that I've been struggling with for over a week now. that's a relief. Two of my bot boards (Motorola 68HC08GP32 based) are dead right now and boy am I ticked about that one. That is crippling me right now for development. I got the new improved version of my "tankcam" TV remote controlled vehicle going, though it's dead until I get its control board going. Blah, blah, blah. Lots of fun still, even with all the problems.

And some big news, my web site can be found on Google now. I submitted it 3 times. Not sure if 6 weeks was standard to get that in their crawler or if I just had to get more hits, or what. But it comes up now. Kind of neat.

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