21 Feb 2004 kelaar   » (Master)

Well, no luck getting Proce55ing to work with my stamp yet. The serial connection just doesn't seem to be initializing. I guess it's either back to Director, on forward to C++. But that's daunting. Of course, it would be a worthwhile language to learn. Anyway...

Ordered my marionette yesterday, as well as four servos to control it. They will hopefully all show up middle of next week. Then I can at least get some push-button controls working. 'Bout time, I think.

Next step is to go pick up some scrap metal to build the framework with. Drew some rather sketchy plans to get an idea of what to do. I'm going to include slots on the top so the servos are adjustable. But I'm waiting for all of this until the parts show up, so I can build it to correct proportion.

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