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23 Nov 2003 (updated 23 Nov 2003 at 18:03 UTC) »

I just succeeded in making Macromedia Director write random letters to my basic stamp which then echos them back to Director. Some strangeness in the communication as two control characters I'm sending aren't showing up in Director. Here's the BS2 code:

'{$STAMP BS2} s var byte Main: '** pause 6000 serin 16,84,500,go,[dec s] debug dec s debug "5" s = 0 debug "Done" end

go: debug "No Data", CR goto Main

I used s as a variable for simplicity. Will likely change it to something more descriptive like "SerData".

Hmm... just noticed that end should be goto Main. Now I'm curious why the program is working at all.

Turns out the "Serin" command, when given dec in the variable section, searches for decimal numbers until a non-decimal character shows up. Why then is it debugging the result out? It must keep gathering data and let the program move on? But then, why aren't "5" and "Done" showing up? Hmm.... Mysterious.

Today marked my first successful connection between my Basic Stamp 2 and my Powerbook. I'm able to read from the stamp, but not yet write to it with success. Wrote a small program for the stamp that should have echoed back the string that the PC wrote to it, but sent back garbage. I have a feeling it's due to the timing of the data transfer.

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