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Physics: The First Step of Robotics-1(Other Kinds of Energy)

Physics: The First Step of Robotics-1(Other Kinds of Energy)

Everyone knows that physics is the basics for robotics. So today lets learn more about other energy that we can see during our lives.

Friction is a energy that disturbs a objects motion. But why do they happen? Every objects are made atoms, which is the smallest particle that makes up a object. But this is not the end. Atoms combine to make molecules, which is the combination of atoms that has the object’s property. When molecules meet, they pull each other which makes friction!
F=μN is the formual, μ is a unit that measure how a object surface is rough or soft. And N means the objects weight.

(Example: when we walk, run, everyday life)

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Elastical Energy: Elastical energy is a energy that happens when a object is very elastic. F=KX is the mathematical formula for measuring it.
K represents how and object is elastic. And also X represents the length of how much the object became pressurized or became long.
(Example: rubber, spring)

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