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7 Jun 2003 (updated 7 Jun 2003 at 06:00 UTC) »

I finally decided to sign up for http://robots.net. ROB.T. tells me that posting diary entires is a good way to keep up motivation. We'll see...

I got bored with my Earth Explorer project http://www.infinetivity.com/~jsampson/eep/ and I decided it was too big to safely navigate in the Science Museum of Minnesota. So I started on a new robot, Research 3. This is a follow-on/rebuild to Research 2. http://www.infinetivity.com/~jsampson/r2/ I have been working on that lately but I haven't started documenting it yet.

I also just aquired a wheel chair frame. It is just the frame and motors and wheels. I want to add a seat and motor controller so I can drive it manually. (Just like a real wheel chair) Then I can add autonomous features.

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