24 May 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

On Monday, Brandon, James and I presented our AI project, which went pretty well. Our project was in robotics, but it was specifically to make PalmBot be able to navigate a maze. We added two IR sensors attached to a servo so we could get 360 degree readings. We had to make last minute changes to the program to get it to work, but it ending up doing fine.

Today I got my Mindstorms kit that I'm going to be using to teach the kids in our homeschool group at church. I also got rid of the modifications we made to PalmBot for the presentation, and mounted the IR sensor that I bought from Brandon on the front. I guess I could call it PalmBot 2.0 or something.

Tomorrow I've got C.E.M.P. at Takoma where we're going to introduce the competition that they'll compete in against the other two middle schools. We've also got a dinner for the Blair Robotics Club, which should be fun. Next Tuesday I get to present PalmBot at a DCPUG meeting. Man, I thought I wasn't going to be busy a week and half before graduation.

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