16 May 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

Things have been pretty busy lately with graduation coming up. On Monday I went to a DCPUG users group meeting. Craig Simpson, one of the leaders of DCPUG, invited me to their meeting on the 29th to show off PalmBot. This meeting was comprised of two presentations by AvantGo and Palm. AvantGo was sort of interesting since I hadn't actually seen the software before, and the Palm presentation was really cool as they showed the m505 in detail and talked about some of Palm's strategies.

I had to miss the C.E.M.P. meeting to go to the PUG meeting, but it seems the challenge this week is just to program the robot. We're going to build three or four robots out of Lego the same way, and then have the kids program them to follow a line. It's a lot to cram into one hour, but we'll have to do it somehow.

About 10 minutes ago I got PalmBot avoiding obstacles using its new IR rangefinder. James has been working on the maze solving program in class, but I decided to go ahead and make a simple obstacle avoiding program for when the class is over and I buy the IR sensor from Brandon.

I'm going to play with the Mindstorms software tonight so that I can teach the kids tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some of my homework done instead of playing with robots all the time :-).

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