23 Dec 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

Been a little while since I posted here, a lot's been going on. Finished my first semester at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!). Had a lot of fun, didn't learn a ton of engineering (in class anyway). I've modified PalmBot to pick up soda cans. My plan is to mount the IR distance sensor on a small servo, and have PalmBot try to identify the soda can by doing a sweep with the distance sensor and looking for half circle patterns. Now that I've got it mechanically completed I just need to program it. I'll hopefully have new images posted on my website soon (as well as on PalmBot's page here) and maybe some video once I get the software written.

I went back to my high school on Friday to visit teachers and the robotics class there. I'm planning on helping out with Blair's entry into the FIRST competition over winter break.

After New Years I'm taking a road trip to the Orange Bowl, and then I'm coming back and working again in the ISD at NIST, probably programming robots. I'll hopefully have plenty of free time in the evenings to work on the PalmBot software.

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