25 Oct 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

Yup, I did it. I bought the FischerTechnik Pneumatic Robots kit, and I've started adding pneumatic components to PalmBot. Right now the arm is mechanically complete, and once I get a soldering iron tomorrow, it will be electrically complete.

The kit is pretty darn cool, it has 4 cylinders and 3 3/2 way solenoid valves. It's got a nice compressor and a sizable tank. I'm powering the whole thing off of a 9V battery, the valves and compressor are controlled using reed relays, which are controlled by the motor outputs on the SV203.

Lucas NovaSensor sent me a sample of the NPC-410, a pressor sensor with a tube that fits Lego tubing. I had heard that Lego and FischerTechnik tubing was mostly interchangeable, but the sensor tube is just slightly too big for the FischerTechnik tube. I'll have to play around with that.

Has anybody seen Enterprise lately? I like it, seems like it's pretty well done so far.

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