20 Sep 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

Figured I'd better give a status report in case anyone's listening. During my last week at work I finally got my program (under Linux) to use the laptop's serial port correctly. I got the robot driving around and even implemented some functions not available in the original program. I'm hoping to work again in the ISD at NIST over winter break.

In other news, I'm in college now, specifically the University of Maryland. You can check out my brand spankin' new college website here. It doesn't have very much on there now, but it does have some cool links to information about Lunokhod, a mobile robot that Russia sent to the moon in the early 70s. Since I'm in college now, I haven't had a lot of free time for tinkering, but I'm still planning on trying to do a mobile AtariBot. That's it for now.

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