3 May 2001 josborn   » (Journeyer)

Went to Takoma Park Middle School this afternoon. In order to spread the FIRST gospel so to speak, Blair has decided to branch out to middle schools with the FIRST Lego League. We had a pretty good group of middle school kids show up. Today the lesson was on structure, the kids had to build the tallest thing possible with just the pieces in their Mindstorm kits. Seems like we've got a lot of enthusiastic kids (which is sort of to be expected since Takoma is the Math, Science, CS magnet for the county).

On a related note, I sent out an email to the homeschool group at my church (about starting a FIRST Lego League group), and have had a pretty good response so far. Looks like we'll have a small weekly program this summer.

In AI class today we tested the IR sensors (GPD2D12s) with a heavily modified PalmBot program that just shows the input values on the Palm screen. They seem to work pretty well, so we'll be writing the maze solving software soon.

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