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Been a little while since I posted here, a lot's been going on. Finished my first semester at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!). Had a lot of fun, didn't learn a ton of engineering (in class anyway). I've modified PalmBot to pick up soda cans. My plan is to mount the IR distance sensor on a small servo, and have PalmBot try to identify the soda can by doing a sweep with the distance sensor and looking for half circle patterns. Now that I've got it mechanically completed I just need to program it. I'll hopefully have new images posted on my website soon (as well as on PalmBot's page here) and maybe some video once I get the software written.

I went back to my high school on Friday to visit teachers and the robotics class there. I'm planning on helping out with Blair's entry into the FIRST competition over winter break.

After New Years I'm taking a road trip to the Orange Bowl, and then I'm coming back and working again in the ISD at NIST, probably programming robots. I'll hopefully have plenty of free time in the evenings to work on the PalmBot software.

Yup, I did it. I bought the FischerTechnik Pneumatic Robots kit, and I've started adding pneumatic components to PalmBot. Right now the arm is mechanically complete, and once I get a soldering iron tomorrow, it will be electrically complete.

The kit is pretty darn cool, it has 4 cylinders and 3 3/2 way solenoid valves. It's got a nice compressor and a sizable tank. I'm powering the whole thing off of a 9V battery, the valves and compressor are controlled using reed relays, which are controlled by the motor outputs on the SV203.

Lucas NovaSensor sent me a sample of the NPC-410, a pressor sensor with a tube that fits Lego tubing. I had heard that Lego and FischerTechnik tubing was mostly interchangeable, but the sensor tube is just slightly too big for the FischerTechnik tube. I'll have to play around with that.

Has anybody seen Enterprise lately? I like it, seems like it's pretty well done so far.

Figured I'd better give a status report in case anyone's listening. During my last week at work I finally got my program (under Linux) to use the laptop's serial port correctly. I got the robot driving around and even implemented some functions not available in the original program. I'm hoping to work again in the ISD at NIST over winter break.

In other news, I'm in college now, specifically the University of Maryland. You can check out my brand spankin' new college website here. It doesn't have very much on there now, but it does have some cool links to information about Lunokhod, a mobile robot that Russia sent to the moon in the early 70s. Since I'm in college now, I haven't had a lot of free time for tinkering, but I'm still planning on trying to do a mobile AtariBot. That's it for now.

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Had the last CCA Lego Robotics class last night. It went pretty well, we had one team that navigated a maze using just the optical sensor on the prebuilt robot, and the other team got pretty close. I've had a lot of fun with the class and I think the kids have too, and I think they've learned a lot.

The other thing I got to see last night was Brandon Heller's four legged walking robot Q actually walking. I used to bug him about how much time it was taking him to make it, but it's working now and it looks nice. He's planning to enter it in the CJRC this fall.

On Thursday we had the second meeting of the CCA robotics class. We had a contest to see who could build the tallest structure with the Mindstorms set. I think the kids had a lot of fun.

Last night we had the first meeting of the Lego Robotics Class I'm doing for the homeschool group at my church. It went pretty well, it was a lot of introduction, a lot of talking, and no building, so the kids were a little bored, but we're going to get started building right away next week. I think the kids are going to like it a lot.

Today I got to go with some of the guys from ISD down to Richmond to talk with the guys at Servus Robots. Servus Robots makes two types of cleaning robots. We're going to be doing a project with them involving the SICK Ladar. It should be pretty interesting.

On Saturday I went to Goddard for their open house, to show off the school's FIRST robot. We also brought some of our Lego robots, and I brought PalmBot, which was unfortunately out of the action because of the null modem adapter (which causes most if not all of PalmBot's failures). We had a pretty good crowd. The coolest thing that Goddard strated was a system where they had you pop a balloon, the pop was picked up by a microphone connected to a laptop, which was dialed into a satellite ground station, sent a message to a satellite, which talked to another satellite, which sent a message to a separate ground station, which sent a message over the Internet over the Net to a laptop which happened to be on the other side of a room, which was connected to a camera, which took a picture, all in four seconds. This was to strate satellite to satellite communication. What they want to happen eventually is for a satellite to pick up gamma rays, and then tell another satellite (which has a better imager), "I just found gamma rays! Point yourself at these coordinates and take some pictures."

I sent out another message to our homeschool group at church, and I got a huge response, so we're going to do the program, (teaching kids engineering fundamentals and eventually robotics fundamentals using Legos), but we might have to go get another set.

Today I had my first day at NIST. They're doing some really cool robotics work in the Intelligent Systems Division, I'm just not sure what I'm going to be doing exactly. Today was mostly orientation, and hopefully tomorrow I'll actually meet my supervisor and get my marching orders.

Last night I got to go to an DC AMS (Amer. Meteorological Society) dinner for science fair winners (My senior research project was done using Synthetic Aperture Radar on storms in the Gulf of Alaska). It was pretty interesting. I've been looking for a project in which I could combine my interests in meteorology and robotics. The aerosondes that articles have been posted about are probably the best way to go, but I'm not real sure where to get started.

I just won an auction for an Atari 800 on eBay, so hopefully development of AtariBot (A.K.A. The BASIC Crate) will start soon.

Went to the DCPUG meeting on Tuesday. There was a pretty good crowd, I thought I did a pretty good job presenting, and they were very receptive. I explained the advantages of using a Palm for robotics over things like the BASIC Stamp or OOPic. I really think that a company that can make a nice SV203-like attachment for a Palm would end up outselling the BASIC Stamp. Seems to me like the Palm is better hands down.

Today was the final competition for the C.E.M.P. It went pretty well for the planning time put in. The kids had an hour to build and program their robots, which was nowhere near enough time. The teacher that did it still thinks that was plenty of time. The course had many difficult obstacles, and only a few robots made it through more than one, usually ones that were heavily assisted by high schoolers. It's a little annoying that they see it too often as a competition instead of an activity designed to let kids have fun. Oh well, at least I know what not to do with the homeschool group at my church.

Today was my last day of high school, it's time to relax.

On Monday, Brandon, James and I presented our AI project, which went pretty well. Our project was in robotics, but it was specifically to make PalmBot be able to navigate a maze. We added two IR sensors attached to a servo so we could get 360 degree readings. We had to make last minute changes to the program to get it to work, but it ending up doing fine.

Today I got my Mindstorms kit that I'm going to be using to teach the kids in our homeschool group at church. I also got rid of the modifications we made to PalmBot for the presentation, and mounted the IR sensor that I bought from Brandon on the front. I guess I could call it PalmBot 2.0 or something.

Tomorrow I've got C.E.M.P. at Takoma where we're going to introduce the competition that they'll compete in against the other two middle schools. We've also got a dinner for the Blair Robotics Club, which should be fun. Next Tuesday I get to present PalmBot at a DCPUG meeting. Man, I thought I wasn't going to be busy a week and half before graduation.

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