8 Mar 2005 jlin   » (Master)

I keep meaning to post again but just have been so busy!

My team's now registered to be at American Open in May. Unfortunately it is during the students' exam period so not many of them will be able to come along.

We have a website up now at http://www.smokinjays.org. The videos and pictures are from 2001, but hopefully we'll have new ones soon.

The students have been very self-motivated, much more so than I expected they would be. We hope to get a demo ready by after their spring break.

The really really amazing thing is we did end up getting qualified for this year's RoboCup in Osaka. The students would really like to go as do I, but we're going to have to work really hard on getting funding to go since we didn't expect to qualify. We seem to be a doing a good job of staying on schedule to be able to have a team ready, though.

My personal goals is to have a more sophisticated strategy system. Coming from CMU's small-sized team, I really enjoy working on the multi-agent learning and cooperation. I really hope I can introduce that to mid-size as well through Hopkins's team. I hope to write a play learning module for the team. I'm also trying to coordiate cooperation between these two teams through Jim Bruce, creator of ERRT path-planning and CMVision.

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