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Welcome to the Mazetrix

So, I just got an email from BatchPCB that my board has been shipped, so it looks like I’m switching gears again.

My board is for a project based on the Tiletoy, and incidentally not unlike the Space Invaders Button, the Awesome and 64Pixels.

Many moons ago I managed to score several 8×64 Red-Green matrix displays salvaged, evidently, from a casino display. Even though I had managed to reverse engineer them and figure out how to display nifty messages, they were just too large and too COTS for me. I removed the 8×8 LED matrices (matrixes?) and designed a small board to run them. The display is run directly from an ATMega128, using a half-H bridge on each column so I can use the entire matrix as a sensor. Additionally, I have added a MMA7260 triple axis accelerometer. Last but not least is an IR LED pointed in each of the cardinal directions, also connected to be used as an input and an output, for communicating to neighbor modules(PDF link).

The ultimate goal is to create tiles with a red maze and a green “ball” than you can manipulate by tilting, just like the good old labyrinth game. When you get to the edge of a tile, you can connect another, which will attach magnetically, and the maze will continue on the new tile.

I’ll add more updates when I start building.

Here’s a few images to satisfy the curious:



Mazetrix Layout

Mazetrix Layout

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