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And now for something completely different…

So for anyone looking for an update on the Steampunk PDA: It’s dead. I was building it so that I would have something to sync with Outlook and remind me of appointments, tasks, etc. Well, the company gave me a Blackberry, so I now have no incentive to finish the PDA. Would it be cool? Sure. Would it be cool enough to entice me to finish it, even though I already have something that works? Probably not, but maybe someday. Who knows?

My next project is an automated sentry gun for the Defconbots competition at Defcon in Las Vegas this year. I was going to build a level 1 sentry from TF2, but a buddy here at work is already doing that. So…. I decided to one-up him and aim for a level 2 sentry.

Level 2 Sentry

Yep, complete with dual, counter-rotating gatling guns. I have picked up a few parts, enlisted a partner, Nate, who may be posting on the blog later, and even made a gatling-esque paperweight on the CNC mill:


Sorry about the image quality, I took that with my cellphone this morning.

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