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Watson, come here. I want to see you!

I finally managed to send some data over the RF link. Somehow I managed to break the printf function, so I only saw the data on the scope as it clocked out of the transceiver on the SPI bus, but it was the correct data. Here’s a hint if you are using the NRF24L01 chip. Go to the Nordic website and make sure you have the latest datasheet. There is a step by step guide to the minimum config for enhanced shockburst mode. Once I had all of my generic SPI problems worked out, it just fell into place. Now to wrap it all up into a nice library and install it on a robot!

P.S. If the title didn’t make any sense, try here. Be sure to check out his notebook.

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20 Apr 2007 (updated 20 Apr 2007 at 00:50 UTC) »

You like pictures of robots? Lots of them on my Picasa Web Album at

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/robotguy
  • Maybe time for a quick update? I have my blog at http://robotguy.net/blog and my (26) robots are viewable at http://robotguy.net/#RobotGallery. I am currently preparing for RoboGames in SF in June. I plan to bring at least a mini and micro sumo.

    Phew. Finally got around to updating my website. It now shows all 11(!) of my robots.

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