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hmm...ok, i've been certified to apprentice by two people on this site, yet am still listed as observer...am i missing something?

ok, so here i am... pretty new but ready to learn. i built a "robot" for the science fair in seventh grade (it was pretty cool...rc car platform, simple bumper switch, speaking capability courtesy of mr. microphone, arm with magnet to pick up light metal objects, two flashlight assemblies for "eyes"...i didn't win, though). believe me, that was a long time ago! since then i have maintained an interest in robotics but have never pursued it until now. i have bought a tomy robie jr. which i hope to use as a platform for my project (if anyone has any advice, feel free to email me: jcrue451@hotmail.com ) and am considering what microprocessor to use. so yeah, here i am...

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