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Today I fixed the boards of hbridges in its new places. I had that to retouch the painting in some points. Everything soon for the wiring now.

Today I changed the distribution of the boards of the Golias HBridges. When I prepared the wiring I came the new idea of where they would have to be fixed and this saved much space and electric wire. The wiring was stops after fixing the boards again.

19 Jul 2005 (updated 19 Jul 2005 at 04:31 UTC) »

Finally I finished the painting work. Now, I start to install the mechanics and the power sources and hbridges. I intend to test these systems in the next Sunday.

1 Jul 2005 (updated 3 Jul 2005 at 02:52 UTC) »

I finish the two power supplies, one with "clean" power for logic circuits and other for motors and drivers. Golias V2 have a single battery for circuits and motors. I finish and test the hbridges, I made it with extra amps and good snubber circuits. I dislike noise in my power lines!! Today, I begin the paint job of Golias V2 body (mobile base only).

My new robot called Golias V2 is under construction. I have new photos in my home page.

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