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Wow ! First blog entry and its about a real pain-in-the- butt problem. I have a VEX microcontroller and it just stopped working one day. That is it just stopped working in the R/C mode. That's right, just when you try to control the bot in R/C it will not work. I can program a routine in easyC and the controller works just as it should. It runs through the entire routine and.... oh well you get my drift. The head engineer/programer/owner ?, or whatever he was/is said, and I quote, "VEX microconrollers NEVER fail!". I was told to try and reload factory default firmware, master code and user code. I tried this but to no avail. As I am fairly new to modern microcontrollers (that's right I am an old man) I was wondering if anyone in this fine community has had a similar problem or anyone who might have a ready answer to what I believe to be a uController failure. Thanks a bunch-JC

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