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So, The Mouse Pages are presentable, or ready. Whatever you prefer. I made some nice pictures, so you can make a bot yourself. Software is available for download, check it out, get inspired, get started.

31-03 The Mouse Pages are on the way! The latest autonomous robot I built, 'a mouse that cannot be caught' is featured on http://home.tiscali.nl/janvr/mouse.
The robot itself is ready, the website is on the way and will be finished as soon as possible.

Finally, after over three years of building I'm done. Check out the pictures (see 'Electronics', 'Wiring' section). What a job...

I have now reached the point that the 'mechanical' work is done, so I now have started with wiring the bot. Everything has been tested and things are looking good... Soon the programming can start.

Finally the tracks are ready. After over one year of building, milling and painstaking patience the bot is about to roll... Cats beware!

The CatCatcher project is moving along nicely, all the electronics are done and working. Still busy with the tracks and that's going well to. We'll see what the cat says...

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