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I bought my brother a Basic Stamp kit for his birthday last week. I'm hoping we can get some quality time together in the near future and play around with it.

Even if I don't have much time to play with robotics, maybe he can take some of the parts I've purchased over the last year or so.

ok, so BASCOM-AVR with Linux is currently not an option. There is NO ETA on a native linux version so I must find other means. I'm looking into VMWare. Since disk space is at a premium on this laptop I'll prolly have to find something else that works better.

I like GCC but the lack of GDB is a pain, or I expect it to be so. Maybe printf() debugging won't be as bad as I'm afraid it could be. I guess there's no way to find out unless I give it a whirl. Now, where was that AVR-GCC port of the Butterfly source code...

In other news, an AVR-ISP showed up the other day and I'm looking to secure an IrDA IC to play with. Due to the lack of development environment (and time) my projects are on hold.

I received my AVR Butterfly the other day. I can't wait to start messing with it.

I'm still trying to build a usable Linux AVR development environment. The missing feature for me is GDB/simulator. I'm currently trying to get AVR Studio 4.08 (and/or BASCOM) running under WINE.

I've got various small i/o projects in the works right now.

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