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22 Jul 2002 (updated 13 Aug 2002 at 05:03 UTC) »

TeamUR the Second has been scrapped. This is sad but his descendant TeamUR the Third already travels through the obstacles! Wanna see? Here we go!

It looks that we ran into some problems using stepper motors. The robot looks cool but it doesn't move as well as it looks. If you feel like able to help, please drop us a line.

4 Jul 2002 (updated 4 Jul 2002 at 13:06 UTC) »
TeamUR the Second is on its way! The second microrobot from TeamUR team! Come and see the current project status.
22 Jun 2002 (updated 22 Jun 2002 at 12:16 UTC) »

We purchased an elecronic compas out of curiosity and you can see the compas test:

17 Jun 2002 (updated 22 Jun 2002 at 12:17 UTC) »

Tada, Tada! TeamUR The First Can be called a robot. It has its first proximity sensor and is able to cruise around avoiding the obstacles.
Here is the status with short movie:
We got couple of new experiences from cannibalism of an old floppy disk drive. See the project web site:

15 Jun 2002 (updated 15 Jun 2002 at 03:16 UTC) »

Tada! TheamUR got it's microcontroller: PIC16F73.

I made a documentary movie about "The First Moves" and The Ferret. Unfortunaltely project hosting server refuses to send files larger than 256k. The MPG is 3MB... See the project web.

Generally TeamUR's mechanics sucks. I need some more serious parts: mostly wheels. The next TeamUR will get stepper motor.

TeamUR has his first shape. We made the first mistakes... Looks like a good start. http://teamur.netfirms.com updated!

Mikul: napisz do mnie: irek @ post . com

TeamUR Robo Project is gaining speed. The project website is finally put together. Everybody is welcome!
My desk slowly becomes full of elecronic stuff. How great is to feel fingers burned by soldering gun!

I am scanning the Internet resources and searching for ideas, parts etc. First elements have been shipped, some even delivered. Why it takes so long? The big companies give away free samples of their chips. Good for experiments! Perhaps I should think more about budgeting... :o) I am still not sure what kind of MCU to choose. I decided to build informational web site about the project. It will be useful for discussion with other robot enthusiasts. As I move deeper there is more and more questions.

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