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Ok so I had my web page all working, but then I uploaded it and things went haywire.... I am still working to ensure that the page works properly, but it may take some time... I have so many projects on the go....

18 Mar 2003 (updated 9 Apr 2003 at 22:10 UTC) »

Ok, I've updated my projects.. well sort of... I still need to upload some more pictures and get rid of some of the fuzzier ones (Some of them are really bad! But I got my first project up there (A PIC Microcontroller), I am still learning how to use it... And I have my latest project pictures to upload.... A DEGEM AM radio... It's a report I am doing. but those are Yet to come, and I will post them ASAP.

Sorry to the Admin staff and all those who knew me as ragaphreak... I forgot my password so I had to change names. I got my web-site up and it has to be updated, but it is quazi-functional. I need to get the pictures and stuff up, but being in College takes quite a bit of time... Take a look, give me some feed-back, and by all means e- mail me if you would like to talk shop. Until next time... Take'er easy!

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