18 Oct 2007 imajeff   » (Apprentice)

“We’re aiming to be able to subsume labor,” Kowall said. “There is no (Isaac) Newton in this day and age. The best shot we have of making transcendental technological leaps like Newton did, is through the use of massive artificial brains.”
-- Correy Kowall, about the submitted paper on evolutionary robotics to the 2007 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO)

What--no Newton?? I do not wonder why one would think that. Just think, what is missing in our modern society which had a strong presence in the time of Sir Isaac Newton? Oh, yeah, they had specifically to work to achieve basic survival [though life still seemed more fragile]. Further, It should be downright dissapointing that this "massive artificial brain" will still not have anything near the capability of a real brain created by [insert Creator's name here]. I already have one of those right now!

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