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If Steve happens to read this. there is a root account that you can su to in max OS X. It's just not set by default, and you have to log as a admin users first. If you log in with an admin account You cant set root in Application/Utilities/Netinfo Manager then under the menu item Domain -> Security.

Okay, my web site sucks..... I am in the process of moveing it to a server that supports php and mysql, so that I can use postnuke. I found that exporting DXF's from Lightwave7.0 to Qcad is not working. So I have to go back and redo most of my cad stuff in Qcad. Qcad to Lightwave seems to work great. I am gettimg closer to having most of the parts for my base robot system. My work was kind an let me have 2 wireless cards, for testing. I have spent a lot of time re-writting qcam to work with 2 cameras at the same time. Plus I have been adding in socket code to send vision data back to my cluster. It seems that after 2 years of nothing but Java, my c/c++ is very rusty........

I have been re-working the designs from the BRAK modile base to hanndle 2 mother boards. Last night I found a bunch of 24v dc/dc ATX power supplies for around $160.00. I have also found a place close to my work that will make a the aluminum parts. Next week I can take them the designs and get some pricing. I am working on posting more info on my web site.

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