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i am very interested in robots and have been collecting toy robots for a few years now. i live in toronto, studying new media, and am about to launch an art effort which has my robot (the IBOT) as a figure head. i am interested in swapping literature, photos and mail about robots and their conceptual manifestations.

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breaking robots -----

okey ... i need to focus.

is it the method or the idea -->the medium is the massage.

i'm not sure yet.

okey ... i need to focus.

memory can be calibrated, rearranged, manipulated, lost, invented, streamed, downloaded, accessed, denied...

i'm extremely excited with where my project is heading. i've got concrete ideas and their visual maps all in my to only get them out.

i had a great conversation with jessica concerning the de/re/territorialization of space and how it could work to infect the cyberworld. perhaps not literally, though it would be really cool if i could code an iBOT virus...that would randomly disrupt screensavers, or something.


spreading the robot figure is going to be grand fun! i haven't gone bombing since i was experimenting in vancouver so for this purpose, it'll carry more wait. i hope to go bombing with 'trik' as our pairing would be ironic fun. 'iBOT trik' 'trik iBOT' .... i can almost feel the layers....

or perhaps have my bots battle one another. create a bit of tension...turf wars with colour...lila and i had a laugh at that one.

with as much oompf i'm putting into making this project fly,i won't be able to really form without the talks with the curators for our shows. i'm really concerned with that. i hope that i'll be able to work with everyone and actually get in to all the shows. i great test in work ethic...

melissa is really on the ball with her show, i feel. the idea of lost/found is an interesting concept that i'm very excited to explore. with robots, of course...though not lost/found robots but rather memory and how we create the robot to possess an accesible compendium of information, that we trick our selves in to thinking as knowledge, and from there, question the memory itself...what is it made of and how much of it is 'memory' if it becomes mechanized? is it memory? is history memory? --- i don't know.

i'll just have to think about it.


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