19 Oct 2002 iBOT-2   » (Observer)

Im working on the story board for the script. it's coming along nicely. filip has been such an inspiration here...encouraging my film work and helping me with ideas on the permeable understanding a fresh viewer would have upon viewing such a manifestation...which it is, in itself - that of the robot being...

controlled, yet unpredictable created, but containing an essence so sexy and mesmerizing...

okey, i go too far

the story: so far, our robot, BETBOT has discovered NATURE hidden from the robots by the higher AIs and is eager to notify the group of the finging. however, along the way back home, BETBOT encounters a dangerous cat - named YETI. she is curious and devious and wishes only to devour this little moving thing. YETI follows BETBOT to ROBOTOPOLIS and proceeds to swallow the TOWERING TWIN INTELLIGENCES. it is disasterous - all is in disray.

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