18 Feb 2002 iBOT-1   » (Observer)

well, i've just finished watching 'ghostworld' and it's official: i think that steven buscemi deserves all the peanut butter in the world! his lack of vigor and tangible apathy got me thinking about collectors (vinyl affeciendos,tin toys and other incredible obscure obsessions) and robots and how both worlds seem to coalecse (?) into the same body -- into some kind of preseravational method, or something.

in frank miller's RONIN, which i recommend to everyone who can read...artificial intelligence becomes human to the nth degree...capable of longing for offspring in order to perserve oneself, Virgo, a computer, releases the spirit of an old samurai who is in a battle with Agat, an ancient evil. the story travels back and forth in time telling the neverending story -- the cycle of birth and death.

compelling. anyways, robots....... how were they birthed? can they reproduce? do they die?????

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