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oops. i forgot to include the curatorial proposals.... ere we 'ave em ...

----------------------------------- On-line gallery JOURNEY

The ways we travel have drastically. Nevermind the planes, trains or automobiles - that's meat packing. Our cell phones, fax machines, comps and palms have us going from here to there, like packets on the cybernetic freeway. Everyday, we exchange information about ourselves, whether we know it or not. As it is the same going out, imagine what is coming in. Our conscious efforts to become a policing force for the information that we feel fit to contain may not be as effective as we think it is. We may not be safe with ourselves, as we may not know where our lines of thought are travelling...nor should we consider any portal, line, message secure. Our journeys are controlled by various communication commands that we ignore apathetically. I suggest that we take control. Take the proverbial bull by its horns and steer it to pastures with an angry-cultural identification-ready to sow the seeds of technocratic domination out of the ground.

TCP/IP delivery GUARANTEED or your money back!

For an on-line project, I would be interested in the random message sending of images. Like graffiti, randomly `hit up a spot'; then tracking each image. OR A map that could be accessed on-line of all of the places around the city to where the iBOT image could be observed.

I believe that on-line access to public acts of vandalism will encourage viewers to open their eyes on the street and question the subversive power controls that operate subliminally and to also search out these images and maybe answer back.


----------------------------------- Library space LOST/FOUND

Does identity exist without body? How do we tract identity and what in what forms are they recognized? How does a body cope within a climate of synthetic/technic fabrication?

Donna Hathaway suggests that the cyborg body will free us from gender...William Gibson embraces cyberspace as a plane of consciousness ... Frank Miller in his comic epic, Ronin, believes in the evolution of artificial intelligence as a means to preserve the great haunting spirits of history...MUD aficionados create their own realities through a series of clicks and mouse motions.

Throughout my research, I've been searching for links, patterns that suggest a new topographic method for the body. Closely intertwined with ideas of identity and personality, I will be investigating the relationships we have with our technology and how that shapes our ideas of identity. Within the photographic, paint and collage mediums, assemblages with respect to organic and electronic visions will reflect such ideas.

----------------------------------- Unknown space Theme: performance with techie elitism

What is iBOT? Who controls iBOT?

Borrowed from the Wizard of Oz, this projects explores the identity of a created myth. Through the performance and wanton curiosity of the viewers, they will be exposed to communication command centres and take control to create their own messages. Robot of Oz

A giant robot projected onto a large screen whose video image is enabled by the speech of the person in the booth. The `wizard' is encouraged to speak into the microphone that is connected to a theremin and using finger/hand/arm gestures, contort the voice. The other people in the space who are aware of the robot on the screen watch as the robot begins to speak.

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