26 Jan 2002 hudson   » (Master)

The older GyroPoint mice arrived and I've stripped one down to get at the Murata ENC05-EA and -EB gyros. They appear to have some applification / filtering circuits on the daughterboard. The gyros are the silver components on the small board to the right in the image.

I summed up most of my observations on post to the autopilot-devel mailing list.

I haven't finished decoding the wiring harness, but Marc Ramsey seems to have done so. I hope to get some code sampling these new gyros this weekend.

In other news, the software for the realtime board will need to be redesigned. I tried to do a very modular, easily maintained design with lots of high-level readable functions. And it is too slow, has too much interrupt overhead and causes servo jitter. My plan is to squish it all into one mainloop, hand code portions in assembly and generally make it a pain to port or extract code out for other projects.

Sorry about that....

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