3 Aug 2002 hudson   » (Master)

We finally put together a group order of our control boards and the parts have started to arrive in bulk at my apartment. I've put together assembly instructions to show the other users how to solder the parts together and test them.

These boards are " feature packed " -- twenty 16-bit servo controllers, an LCD interface, a PPM decoder, three axis rate gyros, two axis accelerometers, three extra analog inputs, an NMEA GPS interface, an engine tachometer, a video overlay interface and a serial port. And, Pong! We had a few kb in the flash left over, so I wrote a pong game that is played with the PPM decoder and displays on the video overlay.

I have a few extra kits, if anyone is interested for US$120 + shipping. Here is the list of included parts list and a clarification.

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