14 Jun 2002 hudson   » (Master)

The fly by wire tests from last weekend were a success. We collected good sensor data, some of which I am still processing. I have graphs of the engine RPM from the tach posted and am processing the angular rate data. It came out really clean, but the acceleration data was unusable.

The tether, however, was a complete pain. You can see it in this image of the hover tests. Aaron is on the left and actually flying it; I'm on the right and you can see the laptop on the ground.

In order to do away with the tether, we've purchased 802.11 cards for the onboard iPAQ, as you can see in image of Holly running the simulator. We should be able to send servo commands to the iPAQ and have it log the sensor data for us.

I've also built an interface to Futaba's "buddy box" trainer port. This will allow us to have the system in the loop for further tests, as well as allow our pilot to use a familiar controller rather than the USB joystick that we were using. I've taken a picture of the custom interface board and hope to have schematics online this weekend. Source code for the board is available in tinystick.S.

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