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The realtime boards just arrived from ExpressPCB. It's a neat service -- I used their software (under Wine) to design the microcontroller board, sent it to them via their website and three days later had very professionally made circuit boards ready to solder.

When fully populated, the PCB will have:

  • Two MG100 dual axis rate gyros
  • Two ADXL202 dual axis accelerometers
  • Four analog inputs
  • Two pulse counting digital inputs
  • Five digital inputs
  • Eight servo outputs
  • Five servo inputs
  • RS232

The software still needs work. I hope to have the rate integration code working so that the IMU can be used as an AHRS (Attitude / Heading reference system) within a month. That can feed into an artifical horizon for the ground station as well as drive the PID loops to keep the helicopter under control.

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