10 Feb 2006 horar   » (Journeyer)

I am curious to know what software everyone uses for capturing circuit schematics for their robotics projects. I've tried quite a few different packages over the years and have never been particularly pleased with any of them. Of course there are still many that I haven't seen yet. Do any of you have any recommendations, especially for open source software to do this?

Yesterday I decided to try an alternative approach and created a schematic of a slightly modified version of David Tait's classic serial PIC programmer using scalable vector graphics. SVG is the up and coming web technology for creating high quality 2D graphics on web pages. You can see the results of this first test here http://asmith.id.au/robotics-pic16f84.html converted to a gif file, since most web browsers don't properly handle SVG yet. The SVG source file for this can be downloaded from http://asmith.id.au/files/serpic.svg. You may or may not be able to view the SVG file directly in your browser.

PS Just noticed and fixed the broken link to the SVG file.

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