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Some Development Trends of Robot Vacuum Cleaner
In present field of service robots, robot vacuum cleaner is regarded as a new product. It can conduct cleaning, vacuuming, mopping tasks autonomously without people’s operation. Despite that robot cleaner’s advantages have been much introduced and elucidated, still some improvement ought to be made in such aspects as costs-control, route-designing, cleaning efficiency, etc. If robot vacuum cleaners can cut their costs to certain degree and further improve their technology in sensory system, positioning and environment model-building, the market potential will be even more huge. In future, robot vacuum cleaners will develop towards high-level intelligence, multi-functions fusion, and costs reduction.
1) High-level intelligence
The present robot vacuum cleaners remain to be low in intelligence, and have limited capacity in measuring the environment. Besides, their route-designing method is only at random and based only on partial environmental information. This method couldn’t bring successful cleaning effect, especially under complex and multi-room circumstances. Therefore, to establish CCD visual system, to syncretize diverse sensors in positioning and environment model building, and to realize overall route-designing turn out to be important research trends. Meanwhile, the algorithm must take into account the system’s speed and storage capacity.
2) Multi-functions fusion
Robot vacuum cleaner is a movable intelligent console, so besides cleaning function, more functions should be attached to this console, like household appliance controlling and house environment monitoring (to guard against fire, burglary, etc). Such market needs were met by Tmsuk and Sanyo, and in 2002 two types of robot cleaners with these functions were released to the market.
3) Costs reduction
Intelligent robot cleaner is a complex system, adopting many sensors and one (or more) micro-processor of high capacity. So inevitably the costs become high. However, in order for common mass to enjoy the fruits of science and technology, costs-reduction is a trend in robot cleaner’s future development. Actually some producers of robot cleaners like iRobot, Electrolux, Hoba Robot, this trend has already been discernible.

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