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Since Neophyte is finished, now everybody in my family knows about it. My grandpa has asked me to build a robot for him. He lives out in the country and has a garden. His problem is that in the summer deer get into his garden and eat his flowers. Im working on a robot for him which will have a "body heat sensor" (PIR sensor), so that when is senses movement from a deer it will advance forward and make noise and blink lights. I think ill name this bot Sentinel instead of Mr. Turtle. I'm having some trouble with getting the PIR sensor to work. I think I'll just buy a motion detector from Goodwill or something and hack the board.

Meanwhile, I am working on a second robot that is designed to pick up black, red, and white blocks, read the color, and sort them. I can add a line detector on this bot so that it will stay within a designated area. Also, I will make the microcontroller count how many blocks it has picked up, so that after it has picked up the given amount of blocks it will power itself off. I just finished disigning the gripper and i plan to go the Home Depot today to get the supplies.

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