26 Apr 2002 gear21   » (Journeyer)

Two events have happened recently for my bot...

First, I completely messed up my "connection board" for connecting my oopic to the rest of the bot (basically, where I convert from the 40pin IDC cable to a board, then go to the different sub-systems)... It's so messed up, I have to scrap it. BUT, I finally sat down and used the easy to understand printed circuit board software from ExpressPCB, and laid out a nice board without so many wires that I can mess up. I'm reviewing it tomorrow, and I'll send it in tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you know how it comes out.

I also finally soldered together the CompSys1.com rs232 kit and installed it... My bot was talking to my pc through the serial connection in less than 20 minutes. I think this will help a lot with debugging, now that my oopic2 programs are getting more complex.

A quick note on soldering... If at all possible, DON'T use a radio shack $9 iron. Get a nice one with a fine point. And use flux. I used a $9 iron for years... and if I had known a Weller was this much better I would have sprung for it a long time ago... it's worth every penny.

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