13 May 2002 gear21   » (Journeyer)

Finally installed the hardware and software for the IR ranger and the servo for sweeping it back and forth. It's working great! Adding the servo and code was amazingly simple and didn't take very long at all. I'll have pics of it up on my site soon.

The only major bug left is a speed control issue... one of the motors goes considerably slower than the other, and I still haven't figured out why... I've swapped controllers, motors, connectors, and more... but it still hasn't made a difference. Once I debug that, it should be ready for some real-world testing, and some development/expansion of it's primary control software.

The "primary control software" is on a laptop right now. It talks via the serial interface, sending commands like "F1", "R1", or "I3", and the OOPic resonds with "ACK FWD SPD1", "ACK REV SPD1", and "ACK IR3 00023" (IR is InfraRed ranger). I will be adding ALR (alert/alarm) messages the OOPic will send to the control software as well. It's getting pretty interesting now :) I could do all that on the OOPic, but I want to keep it as sort of a "reflex" mechanism, and keep most logic and decision making on the laptop/palm/WinCE device.

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