2 Apr 2002 gear21   » (Journeyer)

Finally posted some pictures of my as yet un-named robot. There isn't an index yet, but they can be seen at: http://www.gear21.co m/scook/bot/

The skeleton is built from aluminum pieces scrounged from around work (which is why it is almost exactly the same size as a 12u rack-mount network switch :).

I used "off the shelf" DC motor controllers after many variations of H-Bridges I built just didn't have the flexibility I wanted... For the new controllers, I made a "universal interface" using cat5 ethernet cable and rj45 connectors, so I can swap out drive methods (from connected switches, remote control, to onboard microcontrollers).

Originally I was using a parallel port on a laptop to send signals to the motor controllers, but the laptop was just too big, so I got an OOPic a few weeks ago, and have started using it as the brains...

This week, I'm making an interface to the OOPic so I can connect 5 contact switches and 1 IR range module for external sensory duty...

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