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Me: I am a computer programmer and hardware hacker. I have been programming for about 20 years, and doing hardware for about 15 year. I'm an OpenSource advocate and do all of my work on Linux (Slackware).

Where I Live: Denver Colorado, USA

Robotics Interest: I have been interested in robots for as long as I can remember. Robots from movies, like HAL from "2001: A Space Odyssey", R2D2 from "Star Wars", Robby from "Forbidden Planet and The Terminator from "The Terminator" shaped my views of what a robot might/is/will be (Autonomous, with logical reasoning).

I have have started a few robot projects in the past, but between work and family life I have never been able complete them. I am now in a position to work on robotics again, and am starting a new robot project.

Clubs: I have not been able to find anyone in Denver with an interest in robots.

Areas of Interest: I do both the software and hardware of robotics. I am currently focused on a solution to allow mobile robots and fixed location computers to be wirelessly networked (think WLAN/IrDA/Anything I can get to work).

My Current Project: I am working on a network of 5 robots and a laptop computer. 4 of these robots are small (10cm to 30cm sized) mobile systems with various sensors. The 5th robot will carry the 4 small bots, and will have an Arm onboard. The laptop will be used for realtime telemitry and for manual control.

I have decided to use the AVR line of microcontrollers for the "brains" in each robot. I'll be using assembly and the AVR gnugcc C / C++ compiler for all software.

Background - MCU's and CPU's: MC68HC705 MIPS 4000 StrongARM Z80 MC68000 80x86 PA-RISC 6502

Background - Software Development:

  • C
  • C++
  • Assembly (on all of the MCU's and CPU's listed above)
  • Perl (My personal choice)
  • Java


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